DFM Bootcamp

Pro CNC offers on-site Design For Manufacturability & Assembly (DFM & DFMA) Bootcamps to companies in North America.  These workshops focus on reducing the cost of machined parts by focusing on educating engineers on choices they can make during the modeling and drawing creating stages and how those choices can drive cost down or up.  Sometimes the differences are very subtle.  Read below to learn more about them.

The workshop is designed to SAVE YOU MONEY, and is guaranteed to do so!  Based on the experience level of the engineers, companies can expect to see the cost of some designs drop from between 5%-50% after engineers attend our workshop.

What Engineers Can Expect to Learn

DFM WorkshopThe bootcamp is generally a 3 hour workshop done during the middle of the day to include lunch. We will interview your engineers or engineering managers in advance of the bootcamp to get a sense of what types of parts your company designs, what challenges your company currently faces and how to tailor the bootcamp to your specific needs. We address all the most basic and significant choices that engineers can make to affect cost of machined parts during the design phase. We will look at images of parts in a before and after state of optimization. We will also look at lots of physical part examples of both good and bad design. The workshop is very hands-on and intensive. Here are a few of the topics that we cover:

  • Overview of CNC machines and how your parts are made
  • Material selection and how it affects cost
  • Radii and how dramatically they can affect cost
  • Undercuts and how to ensure you design them to be machinable
  • Tolerances and how they can make a simple part really expensive
  • Threads & Holes and how to avoid some simple mistakes

What Attendees Say:

"I thoroughly enjoyed your class. Thanks for enlightening me and I’m sure a few others. I do not have extensive machining experience and thoroughly appreciate your sharing your vast knowledge of real issues that present common manufacturability problems and foster poor design. In your explanations you clearly brought home the realities of issues that present a lose-lose relationship for both the designer and manufacturer of his creation. Through further illumination you made us all aware of what it takes for the opposite to occur, namely a win-win situation where the designer produces designs that can be efficiently and economically manufactured.

Your PowerPoint presentation was well organized and thoughtfully presented. The content was concise, but relevant. Each slide supported your topics quite well. Your audience interaction remained alive and engaging. Your tone was clear and respectful. Your subject knowledge was obvious and believable. Your personal appearance was professional.

My time spent in your class was highly beneficial to me and well worth it. I thank you for such an enlightening and well presented body of material. Kudos." G.H. Engineer from Lockheed Martin Space Systems

"The workshop here at Lockheed Martin was very engaging. It kept our attention and we learned valuable information about part design." D.C Design Engineer

"I wanted to extend our gratitude from the entire team for coming down and having the DFM Workshop. It was very well received by all... I’ve gotten good feedback and hope that future designs take all of the things you presented into consideration." B.L. - Engineering Manager

Schedule a Bootcamp

If you believe that a DFM Bootcamp would be beneficial at your company, please send us an email at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Or give us a call at 866-4PROCNC (866-477-6262) extension 227. You can also download an information sheet about the Bootcamps HERE.

The cost of the DFM Bootcamp varies depending on the number of attendees, location and format. Please call or email to find out more specifics.
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