Trulife Engineered Solutions Saves the Day

Complex parts needed last minute!

Our customer was just finishing up a new design about a week before an important industry trade show. They needed a complex assembly of parts to display at the show. Trulife Engineered Solutions came through for them.

CNC machined spherical cameraTrulife Engineered Solutions made it happen delivering this complex assembly of parts in a matter of days. We had 3 of our most senior prototype machinists working in tandem to do the turning and milling in multiple set-ups to produce this complex set of parts for a spherical camera. With each camera port sticking out a different angle, we used our 4 axis machines to achieve the incredibly high dimensional tolerances required to produce a good image with no distortion. The parts went straight from the machine into our paint booth and were finished and shipped the same day. We even had to fabricate a mounting plate for holding the parts in the box from touching the walls because the paint had not fully cured before they had to go in the box. The next morning, the customer got the parts in time for the show. Needless to say, the customer was very happy and we have been doing more work for them ever since.

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