The Airlines Won’t Wait!

17,000 Parts in Record Time

Trulife Engineered Solutions delivers an entire ship-set of business class food tray tables in record time.

Pop-Up Food Tray Table AssemblyRecently, a customer of Trulife Engineered Solutions had an urgent need for a large order of business class food tray tables for the Airbus A380. 86 total assemblies were needed in less than 8 weeks. A total of nearly 17,000 parts needed to be machined, procured, inspected, managed, plated, assembled, documented and shipped. Trulife Engineered Solutions supplies these assemblies complete, and manages all the sub-tier suppliers, integrating the sum of all the effort into a finished box with our customers logo on it, and ready for them to forward on to their customer. Pretty easy for them, but no small task for Trulife Engineered Solutions.

Pro CNC pulled off the entire project in record time. All the machined parts, hardware, and custom parts from other vendors came together in Trulife Engineered Solutions' assembly department and shipped out on-time to meet our customers delivery needs. Here is a quote from our customer:

"Thank everyone involved in this project for meeting such a critical deadline. We would have never been able to make it without your company's assistance and proficiency. Trulife Engineered Solutions rocks!!!!" H.H., Head of Quality Control and Document Control

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