Northrop turns to Trulife Engineered Solutions…

Aircraft Manufacturing Tool - Design and Manufacturing

Trulife Engineered Solutions delivers comprehensive tooling solution for aircraft wing construction.

6-axis saw for aircraft structure manufacturingDuring the construction of composite fighter craft, honeycomb structures are overlayed with carbon fiber to create an incredibly strong, lightweight and rigid structure. On the leading edge of a wing, the honeycomb structure is built up in sections as fabricating one long section the entire length of the wing would not be practical. Before our customer approached Trulife Engineered Solutions, the process of cutting these sections was done manually with a large hand held blade. As you can imagine, this was time consuming and inaccurate. Our customer turned to Trulife Engineered Solutions to provide a turnkey solution for making this process much faster and more accurate. Our prior experience developing other types of automated equipment for this customer had proved that Trulife Engineered Solutions could deliver a solution that was innovative, robust, and well engineered.

Trulife Engineered Solutions designed a wing-mounted core trimming machine to laser align on a section of honeycomb core and deliver a precise cut with adjustability in 6 axis of the diamond coated cutting blade. We had to design the machine within strict weight constraints to be compliant with OSHA requirements for one and two person lifting limits. While the entire unit was fairly large - 7 feet x 4 feet, it weighed in at less than 60 lbs. total. The result was incredibly successful with Trulife Engineered Solutions meeting or beating all the required design objectives.

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