Trulife Engineered Solutions comes through in Time

Machined Parts Fast!

Microvision had a very aggressive schedule for a large project. Trulife Engineered Solutions came through and delivered three complex parts ahead of schedule.

Every company has large projects that they need to pull off on a short time line. In those times, having reliable vendors often makes the difference between pulling it all off successfully or not. This was the case with Microvision. They had a large project to be delivered on a very short time line. It was a new design so all the machined parts were still in a state of change, yet the delivery to the customer was only about 2 weeks away. Trulife Engineered Solutions came through and build several complex parts on a very aggressive timeline - in less than 1 week - including anodizing - which was a day earlier than promised, while working through some revision changes to some of the parts during that time. Our project manager was able to work with the customer to incorporate these drawing changes while the parts were being made in our dedicated prototype machining division. We were able to minimize downtime and rework costs and keep the project ahead of schedule. The engineer just had this to say about it: "I wish all of our vendors had been as successful as you...".

The purchasing department was so impressed by our performance, they issued a formal letter of thanks to Trulife Engineered Solutions:

"Dear Trulife Engineered Solutions:
Microvision would like to extend a well-deserved thank you for your recent efforts in supporting us on our prototype build. It is suppliers like you that continue to help us become successful.

While it is extraordinary to have to work under extremely tight deadlines all the time, it is rare to find a supplier who has both the customer support and flexibility to do so. We thought it was very important to share with you our pleasure in receiving your support for our extraordinary requirements. These efforts make for strong partnerships that will enable continued success. We look forward to working with you on our next set of requirements, and want to say thanks for being along sided us in our product development and production needs.”
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