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Machining and Assembly for YOUR industry

Aerospace >>
Machined Cockpit Components including: Display panels, bezels, keypads, front panels, face plates, frames, illumination plates, edgelit panels, housings, reflector plates, keyboard bezels, mounting plates, insulators, knobs, joystick components, and switch components.

Machined Cabin Interior Components including: Food tray table assemblies, galley components such as frame members, filler blocks, cabinet latches, and seat track components.

Machined Structural Components and “Systems” Components including: Fittings, clips, brackets, straps, and frame members for interior cabin structures. Systems components include ventilation system components such as fans and impellers, shrouds, electronic housings, bell mouths, axles, check valve flaps and bodies. We also frequently machine tooling components for these industries in our prototype area.

Medical Devices >>
Machined Ultrasound Device Components including: Transducer frames, docking components, machined enclosures, display stand arms and shafts, 4 Bar linkages and machined joints, cable clamps, shaft clamps, mounting posts, latch levers, and complete prototype control panels.

Machined Components used in Surgery including: Components for use in thoracic surgical procedures including vapor polished PC (USP Class IV) tubes, vacuum needle housings, couplers and control manifolds. Components used for eye surgery including phaco handpieces, protectors, handpiece tips, handles, and bulkheads.

Machined medical device components including: Medical cameras, training equipment for Rotational Atherectomy Systems, components for laser surgery including joint knuckles, fiber optic wire guides, ultrasonic toothbrush components, micro valve housings for fluid transfer equipment, include cosmetic front panels for CT scanning machines.

Defense >>
Machined components and assemblies for Defense including: Satellite components, structural components for military aircraft, electronics enclosures for military vehicles, night vision components, gas generators, and military cockpit components.

Commercial >>
Machined components for various Commercial Markets including: Housings for deep sea ultrasound imaging equipment, components for coin sorting machines, parts for marine control products, pump housings for ink pumps, injection molding cores and cavities, devices for fish tagging and inoculating industries, compression molds for hockey sticks and other composites products, and many others.

Prototypes for any industry

Trulife Engineered Solutions has a large and dedicated prototype machining and assembly division. Consisting of a wide variety of CNC machining equipment including vertical & horizontal CNC mills, and turning centers, as well as all the support and finishing equipment needed, with our dedicated prototyping machine division we routinely deliver quick-turn prototypes and pre-production quantities for many industries including: OEM aerospace companies, prime defense contractors, medical device manufacturers, semiconductor industry, government agencies, the composites industry, and many others.

Our customers demand a lot of our prototype division. With our dedicated program managers, machinists and programmers we build and deliver the most complex CNC machined parts and assemblies 7 days a week across 3 shifts. From machined assemblies, weldments, to flawlessly finished cosmetic models in virtually any material available.

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