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(Qty. 3) Toyoda FA400 – with 25 Pallet Linear System is a 3 machine horizontal cell system. Each machine has 14,000 RPM 25 HP spindles and 120 tool carousels. This system allows the ultimate in set-up reduction and flexible JIT delivery requirements. It can run 24/7, often unattended, reducing direct labor cost. With the ability to run small batches as cost effectively as large ones, this machine supports our customers lean manufacturing efforts by allowing us to efficiently deliver Kanban type orders as frequently as desired.

(Qty. 2) Mori Seiki NH4000DCG is a horizontal machining center with 22.05"x22.05"x24.80" travel (x,y,z). Each machine has a high-speed 14,000 RPM/18.5 HP AC motor-driven spindle for high velocity metal removal. In addition, the 2000 IPM rapids and cutting allow for very efficient machining. These horizontals also offer lightning-quick 6 second pallet rotation with a standard full 4th axis rotary table. The 60-tool magazine and 2.8 chip-to-chip tool change time gives us great flexibility for tool options and versatility.

(Qty. 5) Mori Seiki Duracenter 5 are vertical machining centers with 30"x20"x18" travel (x,y,z). They have 12,000 RPM direct drive spindles which can accelerate from 0-12,000 RPM in only 1.1 sec. Offering a 3.5 second chip to chip time, these machines maximize in-the-cut time. While cutting, they can maintain extremely tight tolerances at the fastest feedrates with the HPCC-Nano MAPPS II control which is Mori's most advanced. When it comes to providing ultra precision and high-speed machining, few CNC's can outperform these amazing machines.

Mazak Variaxis 500-5X II has a 30HP 12,000 RPM spindle, 40 tool magazine, 2000 IPM Rapids, and a max workpiece size of 20" x 16" x 16". The full 5-axis allows for 5 axis simultaneous motion in all axes. It also offers 1000PSI coolant thru spindle and both spindle and tool probes in-machine. This is our largest and most powerful 5 axis machine for harder materials and larger parts.

Hurco VMX30U is a true 5-axis mill with a 18 hp, 12,000 RPM direct-drive spindle, 1400 IPM rapid rates, and 40 tool changer. The full 5-axis allows for 5 axis simultaneous motion in all axes. This machine has integrated probing with a Renishaw part and touch probe system. A 1000psi high-pressure through spindle coolant system allows faster cutting with better chip removal. With high-speed look ahead control, high resolution rotary encoders and Thermal Stabilization Package, this machine is capable of machining complex 5 axis parts with very high speed and precision.

Fanuc – Robodrill T21iE is a vertical machining center with 20”x16”x13” travel (x,y,z). It has 24,000 RPM and 21 tools. With a 1.8 second chip to chip time and programmable feedrates of 1200 IPM, this is the fastest machine we own. It has the most advanced control offered by Fanuc for ultra precision and high speed machining. It is designed for lighter cuts in soft materials like aluminum and plastic.

Shizuoka SV-4024 is a vertical machining center with 40"x24"x18" travel (x,y,z). Featuring a 12,000 RPM spindle and 25 HP this machine can remove a lot of material in a hurry. It is driven by a Fanuc 18i-M control with HPCC for extremely high precision. It is outfitted with a Blum laser system for tool touchoff, wear compensation and breakage detection. These features make the machine perfect for large molds which is one of its primary functions. Aside from molds, this is a very fast machine for production with rapid and cutting feedrates of 1600 IPM and 640 IPM respectively. The external oil chiller maintains spindle temperature for accuracy hour after hour.

(Qty. 2) Mitsubishi M-V5Cn are vertical machining centers with 40"x20"x18" travel (x,y,z). They have 12,000 RPM spindles and 15 HP for serious metal removal. The spindle motor and spindle are integral and oil cooled for maintaining high accuracy under long operating hours. They feature an arm-style tool changer and have 1.5 second tool change times. With rapid feed rates of 1200 IPM and a high speed machining package they are capable of very fast production.

HAAS VF-7/40 is vertical machining center with 84”x32”x30” travel (x,y,z). It has a 15,000 RPM spindle with a 20 horsepower motor. The 40 tool side-mount changer gives programmers tool diversity options and minimum chip-to-chip time. The Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS) will reduce setup time and 16MB of memory provides plenty of storage for surfacing operations.

HAAS VF-2 is vertical machining center with 30”x16”x20” travel (x,y,z). It has a 10,000 RPM spindle with a 20 horsepower motor. The 2 speed gearbox provides a torque output of up to 250 ft-lb @ 450 rpm and the 20 tool changer gives programmers tool diversity options and average chip-to-chip time of 4.5 sec.

A-Trump B5-FC is a vertical bed-mill type matching center with 34"x16" travel (x,y). With 5,100 RPM spindle, PC based control and full 4th axis capability, it is a very versatile machine. It has the ability to accept programs of unlimited length which make it ideal for machining parts that require a lot of very fine surfacing. It is also a great machine for adding secondary operations to a part that is being made with a lean "flow" type of process.

CNC TURNING CENTERS cnc machining turning center lathe

Mori Seiki NL2000SY/500 is a 6-axis turning and milling center with live tooling and sub-spindle. With an 8” main chuck and 6” rear chuck and bar capacity of 2.5” this machine is capable of machining complex parts requiring intensive milling including Y axis features. It has live tooling on each of the 12 turret positions. With the SMW bar feeder and parts catcher it is a great machine for long run production of complex parts.

Nakamura Tome TMC-15M is a 4-axis turning center with live tooling and sub-spindle. The 6" chuck and bar capacity of 1 5/8" make it ideal for small to medium sized parts. It is a full 4-axis lathe with live tooling on both x and z axes which allows this machine to complete turning, milling and drilling operations simultaneously. This feature combined with the sub-spindle increases automation for higher accuracy and faster cycle times.

Daewoo Lynx 210a is a 2 axis turning center. It is equipped with a Cooljet 1000 psi high pressure coolant system for deep drilling difficult materials with incredible speed. With a 6” chuck, as well as a 16C collet system and auto tool eye with tool life management this machine is perfect for long run production of simple turned parts less than 1.75” in diameter.

Haas TL-1 is a toolroom lathe that can be used either as a CNC or full manual with digital read-out. Haas has developed an innovative conversational programming system. Measuring and setting tool lengths is easy and using the two quick-change tool posts will accelerate short runs and support tooling projects.

3D printer
Objet 24 3D Printer is an extremely high resolution with 28 micron (.0011") layer thickness and an envelope of about 9.25" x 7.5" x 6". It prints using VeroWhite Plus Opaque material which is a white ABS like material.

RL-80-1290 Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine is a CO2 laser with a large 47.2" x 35.4" working envelope. It features a rotary indexer and is capable of high-speed cutting of nearly any organic materials such as plastic, rubber, ceramic and glass at speeds of 1400 IPM. It can also permanently mark metals at speeds over 2300 IPM and high accuracy of 1000 DPI.

Soco MC-360 NFA-DR is a NC controlled auto feeding high speed saw for non-ferrous metals. It is capable of auto feeding to an accuracy of +/- .002.

Multiple Fourth Axis
attachments which fit on most of our CNC mills

Trimos Tool Presetter allows us to preset all CNC tooling to speed setup and increase efficiency

Jet JTM-1054 38"x17" Milling Machine has spindle tilt in two directions and digital readout

Turnmaster 13”x40” Lathe is a manual lathe with 2000 RPM. With three jaw and four jaw chucks and a 5C collet closer this lathe is very versatile and capable of high tolerance parts.

Kaiser SK26 Air compressor with TB26 Air dryer is one of the most efficient screw type compressors on the market. With a total capacity of 1180 gallons of storage it easily handles our 20+ CNC machines and will allow us to grow considerably without worrying about our compressed air needs.

Welders-300 amp TIG welder & 250 amp MIG welder

Fabrication equipment including surface grinders, sanders, drill presses (4x), vertical and horizontal bandsaws (4x), hydraulic presses (2x), vibratory tumblers (4x)

Assembly Equipment including electric and pneumatic Helicoil drivers, arbor presses, pneumatic stamping machines, arm style tapping head, assembly benches, and a full array of assembly hand tools and equipment.

QUALITY EQUIPMENT5 Axis CMM to measure CNC machined parts

Zeiss Spectrum 700 CMM - This Zeiss CMM has 39" x 27" x 24" (x, y, z) travel and a full 5 axis Vast scanning head for part probing. With Calypso software it is a powerful combination for verifying dimensional accuracy.

FAROArm Platinum Portable CMM - This portable CMM has a 6 axis head, precision up to 0.001" and a range of up to 8'. With Panasonic Toughbook with CAM2 CMM software and rugged field case. Used to inspect some of the medium sized aerospace tooling that we design and fabricate.

Mitutoyo PH-3500 Profile Projector with fiber-optic OptiEye auto edge sensing and Micropak 2 control.

14" Deltronic Optical Comparator Model DH14

Bausch & Lomb Binocular Microscope 7x - 40x with circular lighting

Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscope with .0001" resolution

Mitutoyo Height Master with .0001" resolution and 67" total height capacity

Brown & Sharp Tesa-hite 350 - multiple units. Very accurate and capable electronic height gage capable of measuring hole centers, etc.

Mitutoyo Height Gages ranging from 12-24 inches, some with SPC

Granite Plates - many units including 60x36, 48x36, 36x24, and many 12"

Sunnen Gage Setting Fixture with .0001" resolution

2 - Surface Profilometers

Complete compliment of highest quality hand measuring instruments including:
- Gage block sets, Gage ball set, complete pin sets from .011 - .750 (one set for every CNC machine and inspection station), digital micrometers, .0001 Sunnen bore gages, Starret, Etalon and Brown & Sharp 3 point bore gages, depth micrometers, thread micrometers, calipers 6"-36", drop gages, pin micrometers, 1-2-3 and 2-4-6 blocks, angle plates, sine gages, Travel indicators, groove gages, etc.

All of our equipment is calibrated in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and fully traceable to NIST. This calibration is completely managed in our proprietary web based ERP software. If you would like to see a demo of how this software works, please click here to schedule an online demo.

Facilities and Software

Pro CNC Facility in Bellingham Washington

World-class 26,000-sq/ft facility

PTC CREO™ is one of the most powerful parametric solid modeling and surfacing packages available. Used in conjunction with Pro/MFG, this combination is a very fast and powerful package for part creation. Multiple Seats

CATIA ™ V5 R21 is one of the world’s premier high end 3D CAD and entire product lifecycle software platforms. It is ubiquitous in the aerospace industry being the primary design tool for most aerospace and defense manufacturers.

Pro/MANUFACTURING™ is one of the most advanced CAM packages on the market. Multiple Seats.

Mastercam™ CAD/CAM package. Multipe Seats.

Proprietary Web Based Shop Management Software for tracking all aspects of the shop environment, including QA information, job tracking, tooling, real time scheduling and work order history. Our full time on staff programmer keeps adding new and time saving features virtually every day. Our customers who have seen it first person say it is the most amazing software they have ever seen of it's kind. Please contact us here for a demo and to discuss how our innovations can help us provide you with superior service. This software is hosted on the fastest PC servers available.

Digital Photography Equipment for on screen photo and video part set-up and tie-in information to ensure proper conformance of customer requirements.

50+ PCs - at each CNC machine, desk, and workstation where value added work is done. The intranet is linked by cable at 1000 MB/S and a "N" secure wireless network. These PC's primarily run our shop management software and are used to receive and input data into the database. Included in this list are 5 servers used to manage our network: a network server, a data server, backup servers and and an image server.
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